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As we start the new year, many are thinking about estate planning.  Below are some questions for you to consider:

Do you have a will, healthcare directive and power of attorney in place?

If yes,

Have your circumstances changed?

Have you had children since you last executed your estate planning documents?

Are your children now adults? Have they started their own families?

Has your financial situation changed considerably?

Has your marital status changed?

Are your executors, trustees and guardians still suitable choices?

Are the beneficiary designations on your retirement plans, life insurance, and non-retirement assets as well as any pay-on-death or transfer-on-death instructions you may have in place still correct based on your current circumstances?


Whether you have no planning in place or documents in need of updating,  PK Law’s Wealth Preservation Attorneys can help you evaluate your estate planning needs, prepare new or update old documents, and execute your documents – safely and properly.


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