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It is something that every health care provider fears: a patient files a complaint against you with the medical licensing board. Despite the anxiety that may come with receiving a letter of complaint, ignoring the matter will not make it go away. In fact, doing so will make matters worse. Although you may feel the urge to respond to the board on your own, DO NOT. This is a serious matter and must be managed/defended by an experienced attorney.

In the event you receive a letter of complaint from a state medical board, immediately contact a defense attorney with experience defending medical licensing board complaints. Doing so will allow you to understand the nature of the complaint, the deadlines, and what to do next. Do not delay contacting counsel. Time is of the essence and delayed response could severely impact your ability to refute the allegations.

You must also contact your professional malpractice insurance carrier. Oftentimes, your insurance policy will contain coverage for the defense of medical licensing board complaints. Your insurance carrier may also assign an attorney if you do not have an established relationship.

Most importantly, don’t panic, let your attorney do the talking. Your attorney will guide you carefully through the process, respond to the complaint appropriately, and provide a thorough defense. When the time comes, your attorney will be available to advocate on your behalf and explain the nuances of what can be a complex process. Composure, diligence, patience, and preparation are all traits that will serve you in navigating the process with the assistance of experienced counsel. Just as one would seek an expert in a specialized area of medicine, you too should contact an expert in the event you are faced with defending a medical licensing board complaint.


PK Law’s Medical Malpractice Defense Team has extensive trial experience defending some of the most serious medical malpractice and personal injury claims in state and federal courts throughout the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia.  They are frequently retained on complex high-stakes disputes such as class action, wrongful death, catastrophic injury and surgical error claims.  The attorneys in the fourteen attorney team have a broad range of years of experience which allows the team to handle assigned matters not only effectively, but efficiently. For individual practitioners facing disciplinary and licensing proceedings before a Maryland administrative licensing board, the Team has extensive experience providing a pro-active and effective defense to the claims.  The Team also provides risk management advice to medical professionals, their practice groups, and health care facilities in the areas of credentialing and takes an active role in early resolution of matters where warranted.  For additional information contact a member of the Team or