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End-of-life decisions are among the most difficult a family will ever face.  Most people do not like to think about life support, ventilators, and artificial food and hydration.  As we face this unprecedented global pandemic, more and more people are thinking about their mortality and what their end of life wishes would be.  One significant issue that should be considered is the importance of knowing your rights about your end-of-life decisions, and taking the necessary steps to make your wishes known.

In Maryland, this is accomplished by executing an Advance Health Care Directive.    An Advance Health Care Directive is a simple document that authorizes one or more individuals to make medical decisions on your behalf when you cannot.  A Maryland Advance Health Care Directive gives voice to your wishes – and ensures that they will be carried out.

At PK Law we can assist with walking you through the many nuances of the document.  We can prepare and send the document to you remotely. An Advance Healthcare Directive does not need to be notarized – just signed in the presence of two independent witnesses.  Without an Advance Health Care Directive you run the risk of forcing family members to fight for your rights.

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