Buying a healthcare practice has become more complicated now than ever.  Due diligence, or the process of evaluating a practice to determine it’s true worth has become more complicated and time-consuming to the point where many deals fall apart as a result of the process.  Having an experienced corporate attorney with the knowledge and resources to streamline and cut out the duplicative efforts in the due diligence process, can help both the buyer and seller get the deal they want done. From the buyer’s perspective help with formation of an entity to purchase the practice, negotiating the assumption of the lease, evaluating, selecting and negotiating the best financing deals, valuation of the practice, negotiating and accurately drafting the sales agreement and getting the deal to closing are crucial. While the seller has many of the same needs in the deal, an experienced corporate attorney can also assist the seller with identifying potential buyers and provide guidance on working with brokers and how to help the buyer with a smooth transition which can go a long way in avoiding potential problems, possibly legal, down the road.