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Medicaid Planning:  What You Need to Know to Preserve and Protect Assets

Join PK Law Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney Cheryl Jones to learn the importance of Medicaid planning for yourself and your parents to protect and preserve assets while qualifying for Medicaid.


Employment Law for Everyone: The Basics of Employment Law for Businesses and Non-Employment Lawyers


Special Needs Trust – Planning For and Protecting Individuals With Disabilities

Planning for a child with a physical or mental disability raises unique planning considerations for families.  A Specials Needs Trust can be a valuable tool in that planning process.  Join PK Law Estate Planning Attorney Elizabeth Green to learn the basics of special needs trusts including the various types of such trusts and the potential pit falls if you fail to use them correctly. Ms. Green will also discuss the use of guardianships as well as when the child might be able to create his or her own estate planning documents.


Trusts 101:  What is a Trust and How to Use it Effectively in Your Estate Plan

Join PK Law Estate Planning Attorney Ashley Nelson-Raut to learn what a trust is and how they can be creatively used in your estate planning to ensure your wishes are kept and your loved ones are cared for after your death.



Protecting Your Life’s Savings For You and Your Heirs

Learn from PK Law Estate Planning Attorney, Ashley Nelson-Raut the various techniques that can be deployed to ensure that your assets are not lost to creditors, in-laws, step-children and long term care. Ashley will explain how estate planning can be used effectively with little cost or disruption to your day-to-day lives.



How to Help Family Members Avoid Conflict When You Die

No one wants to think about their loved ones fighting after they are gone.  There are steps you can take while you are alive to lessen the likelihood of conflict.  Join PK Law Estate Planning Attorney Elizabeth Green to learn what you can do prior to your death, to help make the process go more smoothly after your death.



Revocable Trusts

Join PK Law Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney Cheryl Jones to discuss why you might want a revocable trust and how they can be an effective part of your estate plan.



What To Do When a Loved One Dies

Knowing what to do when a loved one dies can help make a very difficult time for you, your family and your friends, more manageable.  Join PK Law Estate Planning Attorney Elizabeth Green to learn the basics of who to contact, what documents to request and gather, how to identify and secure property and assets, the probate process and the role of the executor (or what to do if no will exists).



Power of Attorney – Yes! You DEFINITELY Need One!

Join PK Law Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney Cheryl Jones to learn about what a Power of Attorney is, what it covers, who you should designate and why you definitely need one now.



Estate Planning 101

Join PK Law Estate Planning Attorney Ashley Nelson-Raut to learn the basics of wills, trusts and probate and the legal documents you need including powers of attorney and health care directives to protect you and your family.



How to Make Sure Your Kids Don’t Fight About Your Money When You Are Gone

Litigation can be very costly and quickly deplete a significant portion, if not all, of an estate.  Join PK Law Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney Cheryl Jones to discuss what your estate plan must include and how it must be executed to safeguard against your children and other loved ones from “un-doing” your wishes.



Medicaid Planning:  What You Need To Know to Preserve and Protect Assets

Join PK Law Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney Cheryl Jones to learn the importance of Medicaid planning for yourself and your parents to protect and preserve assets while qualifying for Medicaid.


Estate Planning Considerations For Blended Families 

Blended families present unique challenges in estate planning.  Join PK Law Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney Cheryl Jones to learn important considerations (some obvious and some not so obvious) when designing your estate plan around a blended family, including how to address step-children and step-grandchildren, using trusts to provide for a second spouse, and ensuring that your beneficiary designations achieve your objectives.


Estate Planning and Divorce

The process of separation and divorce is often painful, exhausting and financially burdensome and most look forward to ending that chapter of their lives. However, if you fail to make the necessary updates to your estate plan the next chapter could be potentially even more difficult. Join PK Law Estate Planning Attorney Elizabeth Green to learn what updates you must make to your documents, titling of your assets and beneficiary designations to ensure your ex-spouse does not end up having unintended control over your medical or financial decisions during life and does not unintentionally benefit financially at your death.


The Who, What, Why and Where (To Store) Advanced Medical Directives 

Join PK Law Estate Planning Attorney Elizabeth Green to discuss what an Advanced Medical Healthcare Directive is and the importance of having one in place.


What Do You Say Now COVID?  Heading Back to Work in a Brave New World.

Speakers: Paul Finamore and Lisa Settles of Pessin Katz Law, P.A.

With the increasing optimism associated with vaccinations and the potential return to life as we once knew it, employers are planning for a return to work by a workforce that, for almost a year, has been able to work from home in pajamas without supervisors watching them.  Managing the process requires employers to keep abreast of activities from all of the regulatory agencies not only amidst a pandemic, but also a time of unprecedented civil and political unrest.  The webinar will address some of the latest guidance out of the regulatory agencies, but will also discuss the new frontier of addressing political discourse in the office with employees having to return to a structured office environment after months of freedom at home. Managing this return necessarily means addressing conflict, potential claims, and legal challenges. The webinar will provide takeaways for employers and claims professionals as to best practices for employees returning to work and potential strategies for reducing claims and litigation.


Essential Legal Documents For Your College Aged Child

Particularly during this difficult time, there are certainly many things on your mind if you have a child who has already gone or is heading to college shortly.  What may not be on your mind, however, are the LEGAL implications and the documents you should have in place.  Do you know what would happen if your child became sick with COVID-19 or some other condition or injury and needed to be hospitalized?  Would you be able to talk to health care workers about your child’s condition?  Would you be able to access their medical records?

Join PK Law Estate Planning Attorney Cheryl Jones to learn:

  • How to ensure you can help your child in a medical emergency by having an Advanced Directive, Appointment of Health Care Agent and Power of Attorney in place.
  • What you and your student should do if they get into trouble with the school or legal authorities for incidents related to automobiles, alcohol, drugs, or assault.


Integrating Your Business Succession Plan Into Your Estate Plan

Join PK Law Estate Planning Attorneys Kevin Bress and Ashley Nelson-Raut to learn when you must start thinking about a business succession plan, options for transferring your business, what you do and do not want to happen to your business upon your death and vehicles for providing cash to pay taxes and debts upon your death.



Important Legal Issues For Families Facing Parkinson’s and Other Neurological Issues 

Unique legal issues confront families whose loved one is in the grips of Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders. Join PK Law Estate Planning Attorney Elizabeth Green to learn how to stay ahead of those issues with the appropriate planning and implementation of legal documents, including wills, trusts, health care directives and powers of attorney. Elizabeth will also address how families can be proactive so that their life savings will not be exhausted on the costs of long term care. 



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Ultimate Planning

By PK Law

Estate ideas to KASH in on.

Attorneys Kevin Bress and Ashley Nelson-Raut have over 40 years of legal planning experience and provide comprehensive consultation to help individuals and families understand the legal issues involved with planning for the future and protecting wealth. In their monthly podcast, Ultimate Planning, they discuss important estate planning topics and interview special guests with unique knowledge in estate planning and long term care issues.

Episode 1

Your Medical Wishes Rise to the Cloud

PK Law Estate Planning Attorneys Kevin Bress and Ashley Nelson-Raut interview Jeff Zucker, CEO and Co-Founder, and Maria Moen, Director Platform Innovation,of MyDirectives.com, a digital platform that lets people create, store, update and share the free MyDirectives digital advance care plan or upload any third-party digital or paper-based advance care plan or MOLST documents.

Episode 2

Prosecutor Gives His Inside Scoop On Unscrupulous Financial Scammers

Assistant State’s Attorney Adam Lippe reveals numerous financial scams that Baltimore Countians fall victim to and that he then prosecutes.

Episode 3

Litigator Describes How Family Fights Play Out in Court

The third episode features an interview with PK Law litigation attorney, Aidan Smith. Being well-versed in estate and trust litigation, caveats, divorce, and business disputes, Aidan will discuss what happens when families fight and how to prevent litigation through proper planning.

Episode 4

Financial Help For Your Business Is Here:  CARES Act

Ultimate Planning explains how your business can get its share of the $350B available beginning April 6th.

Disasters Prompt US Rate Hikes, Ala. Adjuster Bill
The National Association of Public Adjusters explains the need for licensing adjusters in catastrophe-worn Alabama, one of 11 states seeing substantial homeowners rate hikes. (January 26, 2012)

Steven A. Allen, Esquire

Steven A. Allen regularly appears on WBFF-TV, Fox 45, as a commentator on current legal issues. Mr. Allen has also appeared on WMAR-TV and WJZ-TV to discuss current legal issues.