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  Volume 2  |  August 2017

Raising a Paw to Recent Animal Law Efforts in Maryland

Whoever said that a diamond is a girl’s best friend never had a dog. Within the first few minutes of every conversation, professional or personal, the person I am speaking with always casually, or sometimes intentionally, mentions their beloved dog, cat, horse, you name it, then proceeds to whip out his or her smart phone to display hundreds of almost identical photos. Personally, this is reassuring because I now know that I am not the only “dog-lover.” So in honor of our four-legged companions, I am pleased with Maryland’s efforts to pass stricter laws for animal cruelty, assist shelters taking in abused animals, and increase the standards for shelters and pet stores.

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Efforts Toward an Animal Abuse Registry

Similar to other abuse registries, animal advocates have been petitioning legislatures to initiate an “animal abuse registry,” which would identify past animal abuse and cruelty law offenders. This year, Senator James N. Mathias, Jr. was the primary sponsor of Senate Bill 84 which sought to establish the Maryland Animal Abuse Registry through the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. Read More

Who Will Take Care of Your Pet After Your Death?

Have you ever wondered who will take care of your pet after your death? Maryland has a pet trust law allowing owners to set aside funds for their pet’s care and to provide for a care taking system for their pet. By way of the pet trust, a caregiver is appointed and at least one backup caregiver is designated. Depending on the age and life expectancy of the pet, additional caregivers can and should be designated. Read More

Statutory Duties to consider in Underwriting (including some that deal with animals)

Keep in mind that statutes or ordinances can be a source of a duty of care towards members of a specific class. See, e.g., Kiriakos v. Phillips, 448 Md. at 495, 139 A.3d 1006 (concluding that a social host owes a duty to persons injured as a result of a minor’s underage drinking, where a statute provided that “an adult may not knowingly and willfully allow an individual under the age of 21 years actually to possess or consume an alcoholic beverage at a residence”);  Read More

PK Law Attorney Kayleigh Toth Keilty Named MD Daily Record VIP

PK Law Attorney Kayleigh Toth Keilty was recently named to the Daily Record’s VIP List. The VIP list recognizes Maryland’s leaders who are 40 years old or younger based on their professional accomplishments, community service and a commitment to inspiring change. Read More

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Enhanced Underinsured Motorist Coverage and how the new Maryland law, which goes into effect October 1, 2017, affects insurers, insurance producers and consumers.

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