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The HPK Holiday Food Box Program is in full swing again this year.  Instead of going home after work, on Monday, November 22nd, HPK employees and family members packed 100 boxes of food with one box of cereal, one box of macaroni and cheese, one jar of peanut butter, one box of pasta, one jar of pasta sauce, one box of pancake mix, one bottle of syrup, one jar of strawberry jam, one can of fruit cocktail, one can of green beans, one can of corn and one can of chicken noodle soup – breakfast, lunch and dinner items for a family.  Then again on Monday, December 6th, HPK employees adn family members packed another 100 boxes of food.  The boxes are stacked in HPK’s reception area and HPK employees, clients and friends are encouraged to make a donation by paying $10 for a food box.  Once purchased, the box is moved to a “purchased boxes” pile.  Individuals who purchase a box are also encouraged to write a hand written holiday note on the purchased box.  Each purchased box will be donated to a local food bank or shelter in our community during the holidays. 

HPK is proud to lend a hand to support its community.  This is the second year of HPK’s Food Box Program.  Last year over 140 Food Boxes were donated to area food banks and shelters over the holidays.