Unfortunately, as with many marriages, not all partnerships last forever or end well.  In the case of a partnership separation or partnership “divorce” hopefully you worked with an experienced attorney in the drafting of the partnership agreement or buy-in.  In that case, the untangling of the partnership is generally quite easy.  If not the case, it is critical to not only have an experienced corporate attorney to assist with the dissolution, but it is also crucial to have a corporate or commercial litigator who can handle the matter in the event one or both parties threaten or end up taking the matter to court.  A poorly drafted agreement means that both parties will be fighting to take as much of the assets while none of the liabilities out of the partnership with likely little regard for the other partner.  Ill feelings generally create a very contentious atmosphere that can often be fueled by opposing counsel.  An experienced attorney will have the professional contacts needed to properly value the practice, be able to assess the situation and likely outcome in court and develop a strategic plan that will help make the separation as smooth as possible for you.