If your business has suffered a severe reduction in income as a result of recent events, is struggling with debt and you do not anticipate being able to recover your income losses before your cash flow runs out, filing for bankruptcy may provide some relief.

The Attorneys in PK Law’s Business Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights Group have significant experience helping business owners and creditors with insolvency proceedings including Chapter 7 and 11 business bankruptcy cases, receiverships, assignments for the benefit of creditors and bankruptcy related litigation.  They can assist business owners facing personal liability for business debts, spousal liability for personal debts, as well as assist with alternatives to bankruptcy such as negotiating work-outs with banks and other creditors, and selling or liquidating a business.

They can assist creditors attempting to recoup debts owed by businesses or business owners who are unable to pay, have received money that is subject to preference claims as a result of a business filing bankruptcy or dealing with other clawback litigation. They can help creditors evaluate the risk in continuing relationships with debtors they suspect may be facing cash flow issues or possibly bankruptcy, or purchasing assets from a bankrupt business.

The attorneys in the Group also have experience helping insurers navigate relationships with bankrupt insureds and former officers and directors of bankrupt entities understand their obligations, rights and liabilities.

Dealing with a business bankruptcy, on any front,, is a stressful experience requiring sound business judgment and prompt action.  PK Law’s Business Bankruptcy and Creditor’s Rights Group Attorneys get to know their clients and their business and are experienced and efficient,  while remaining aware of the importance of cost-effective representation.