PK Law’s Elder Law Attorneys and Elder Case Managers have years of experience successfully submitting Medicaid applications and obtaining a Notice of Eligibility, on the first application.  They can assist with the sometimes complicated and difficult Maryland Medicaid System.

Their focus is on helping you get the answers you need so you can get your job done.  PK Law’s Elder Law Attorneys and Elder Case Managers are available when you need them to answer questions, offer guidance, and identify issues before they cause an application to be denied or a penalty imposed.

A simple phone call and an answered question regarding a patient’s application can save your facility thousands of dollars, generally with minimal cost to your facility.

On a day to day basis PK Law’s Elder Law Attorneys and Elder Care Managers can help you with:

  • Accurately evaluating income and resources
  • Identifying the most appropriate spend-down techniques
  • Accurately evaluating a spouse’s share of income and resources
  • Properly documenting co-owned accounts
  • Avoiding or reducing penalty periods
  • Accurately determining look-back dates
  • Identifying next steps when an application is denied
  • Representing the facility in a guardianship proceeding
  • Processing Medicaid applications for your facility