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 Marijuana in the Workplace: What Maryland Employers Should Do

By: Andrew G. Scott, Esquire and Toni Norris, Law Clerk

Although current Maryland law is silent on the impact that medical marijuana may have in the work place, there are steps employers can take to a facilitate a smooth transition:

  1. Create acknowledgement forms that are customized to the state law, including requiring employees to acknowledge that their medical marijuana use is legitimate and won’t be used onsite or in ways that impair their work.
  2. Review existing policies and clarify any ambiguous language. Inform employees of new laws, while cautioning them that they still cannot be under the influence or in possession of marijuana at work.
  3. Review the safety-sensitive nature of your workplace and clientele, and determine what type of disciplinary response is appropriate in the event of an employee testing positive for the use of marijuana.

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