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It sometime happens that your IEP team meeting may be the victim of an attempted hijacking by a parent, parents’ attorney, or advocate. They do not care about the IEP team’s agenda and want to discuss what they want to discuss, when they want to discuss it. Sometimes you will address the new issue and then they bring up another topic. And it keeps on going. If you are dealing with such a situation, you do the best you can. Have a written agenda. Have someone at the meeting who is willing to say, “we need to follow the agenda and will put the matter you are bringing up into the parking lot to discuss after the agenda items are completed.” If the response is that the meeting cannot continue until the item is discussed, stop for a second, and think about whether the statement is accurate. If it is accurate, then of course address the matter. If it is not accurate, then as noted above, put the item in the “parking lot.” Do not be dissuaded by claims that it is the parents’ right to determine the agenda. Not true.

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