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PK Law Can Help You Take These Important Steps:

  1. Review Company Policies and Procedures:
    All employers should maintain a written policy that clearly prohibits workplace sexual harassment, which ideally is included in the company handbook, but minimally as a stand-alone company policy.
  2. Conduct Routine Training:
    All employers should conduct routine anti-harassment training that covers the employer’s policy and procedures, explains what constitutes harassment, teaches how to look for signs of harassment, and instructs employers on the proper response if they suspect harassment has occurred. If employees already receive training, the training should be re-examined for its effectiveness. PK Law can
    train management on when and how to respond, investigate and hire an attorney when complaints are made.
  3. Set The Tone For A Positive Workplace Culture:
    Do you know the use of profanity can lead to or create hostile environment sexual harassment claims? Setting the tone starts from the top. Management should be involved and participate in training programs, understand company policies, be able to effectively respond to claims of harassment, understand their obligation to prevent retaliation, and condemn harassment
    if it occurs.
PK Law’s labor and employment attorneys have many years of experience in helping employers write solid sexual harassment policies that serve the dual purpose of educating employees and reducing the incidence of harassment in the workplace while also helping employers to defend against claims that do arise.


Our attorneys have provided on-site sexual harassment training for large and small employer work groups ranging from several employees to several thousand employees. In addition, our labor and employment attorneys are skilled litigators who have successfully represented employers in sexual harassment and sex discrimination litigation before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, various circuit courts, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit

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